Harry Styles flies solo with impending debut single ‘Sign of the Times’

It looks like British pop heartthrob Harry Styles may be dropping his impending debut solo single in high-flying fashion. The former One Direction singer was captured literally hanging in mid-air while harnessed to a helicopter at a secret music video shoot in Scotland, per an April 4 report from The Sun.

Multiple photos and a short video segment show Styles presumably singing while suspended over choppy water with his signature silky locks being blown back in strong winds. Maybe his recent experience filming “Dunkirk” inspired the “History” singer to up the dramatic element for his first solo music video shoot. And, who knows, maybe he’ll use the video to audition to become the next James Bond. Well, Harry Styles being cast as the next James Bond is probably in our wildest dreams. But, he definitely is gaining more experience on the big and small screen.

As previously reported, Styles teased his solo comeback in a recent TV commercial which aired during “The Voice UK.” In the enigmatic video, piano music plays as he crosses a dark room, then cracks a door open and looks out into the light. One can easily imagine he’s gazing into his own bright new dawn as a solo artist.

On March 31, Styles posted a photo of himself on Twitter sitting in water, looking out into a red sunset sky with the caption “Sign. Of. The. Times. 7 April 17.”

A source reportedly told The Sun, “Harry isn’t a typical popstar. This is an art rock project – and he wants to let the music do the talking.”

Hmm … art rock sounds intriguing. Should we expect anything less from the 1D member who is known for his eclectic love of fashion and passion for body ink?

The report also suggests his first track will run to five minutes long and has been “shrouded in secrecy.” 1D fans have been patiently waiting for Harry to join his former band mates and pals Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson by releasing solo material. He registered solo songs back in 2015, and some fans speculated he would launch his solo music career at the Grammy Awards – but that didn’t happen.

Instead, he’s doing his first live solo performance on “Saturday Night Live” on April 15 with SNL alum and “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon as host. Fallon tweeted his excitement about Styles’ appearance saying, “So excited!!! A young heartthrob and Harry Styles will be on SNL together April 15th! #WhenHarryMetJimmy #FallonStylesSNL.”

Styles will also perform in his native UK on the Graham Norton Show and chat with Nick “Grimmy” Grimshaw on Radio 1.

Sources also dished Styles is modeling himself after two of his music heroes, David Bowie, and Mick Jagger. They said, ““Harry’s idols are people like Bowie and Jagger. He’s closely studied their careers and that’s the direction he is heading in. He loves the sense of mystery they maintained around them.”

Overall, Harry Styles looks pretty calm and decidedly dapper, despite being hooked to a helicopter hundreds of feet in the air. He’s wearing a cozy white cable sweater under a sharp trench coat (collar turned up in that BBC Sherlock sort of way). His hair is flying wildly in the wind and he doesn’t look the least bit afraid of falling.

In less than two days, Harry Styles’ first solo effort drops out of the sky and onto a digital streaming platform near you. We’re pretty confident “Sign of the Times” is going to live up to its high-flying hype. Stay tuned to AXS for all Harry Styles updates.


— Harry Styles. (@Harry_Styles) March 31, 2017

So excited!!! A young heartthrob and Harry Styles will be on SNL together April 15th! #WhenHarryMetJimmy #FallonStylesSNL

— jimmy fallon (@jimmyfallon) March 28, 2017

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